Denmark said the country would withdraw its newly deployed contingent of 90 troops from Mali after repeated demands by the Sahel country’s military junta.

The military came to power in a coup d’état in august 2020 because of the irresponsibility and inability of the then President to finish the war and continuously playing the game of France. The military believe that those who pretended as if they came to help end the attack of the terrorist, actually are the ones sponsoring the same. This is the reason why the Junta asked Denmark to withdraw its troops on Monday, following a deployment it said had been undertaken without consent.

“The coup generals sent out a public statement reiterating that Denmark is not welcome in Mali,” according to the Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod , referring to a repeated demand from the Malian leadership. “Of course we do not accept that. That is why we have also decided… to bring back our forces home,” Kofod told a press conference after a meeting in parliament.

The Danish Minister claimed that they were there at the invitation of Mali. He claimed that the coup generals are in a dirty political game, That that is the reason why they have withdrawn that invitation. According to him it is because the junta does not want a quick way back to democracy,”. The Question is why the presence of foreign soldiers did not solve the problem for over 10 years? The people of Mali are not of the opinion that they were there to help them. that is why they supported the coup all this time. Because they are tired with the war.

A contingent of around 90 Danish soldiers arrived in Mali to join European special forces supporting the country’s anti-jihadist operations earlier this month.

It is important to remind the reader that Denmark has previously sent troops to participate in military interventions in Mali, some with the United Nations MINUSMA  peacekeeping force and others with the French-led Operation Barkhane.

The new contingent was joining the 900-troop French launched in March 2020.

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