UGANDA: 29 suspects arrested for trying to ‘overthrow’ government.

The Police in Uganda reported having arrested 29 people, who they say are members of a newly-formed rebel group allegedly seeking to topple the government of President Yoweri Museveni, who was re-elected in January 2021.

Police say they have identified the newly-formed Uganda Coalition for Change, or UCFC, as being behind recent attacks on police officers in central Uganda.

The statement said suspects had confessed to killing two police officers in an ambush in Mityana district in early December, and two others in an attack on a police post in nearby Kiboga district on 17 December, where guns were also stolen.

Among those arrested the majority are young people who police say “joined the rebel group with plans of overthrowing the sitting government”, motivated by the outcome of the 2021 presidential election.

Just to remind the reader that the Central part of Uganda is a stronghold of opposition leader Mr. Bob Wine a popular singer, who ran against Museveni in January 2021’s election.

Bob Wine rejected  the results and alleged widespread voting fraud and violence against his supporters, and was arrested

Police warned against “those politicians accelerating themes of violence” who want to “bring about societal collapse”.

Wine has urged supporters to reclaim a stolen victory, but has not advocated violence, instead saying they should use constitutional means to do so.

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