Racist Catholic statue of white angel subduing a black devil raises eyebrows in Ghana

The Catholic Church in Ghana has raised eyebrows for commissioning a statue described as racist for depicting a Caucasian angel subduing a dark-skinned devil lying under its feet.

The statue, reported to have been erected at the Tepa Roman Catholic Grotto in Manfo in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, has been trending on social media since its photo was posted on Facebook on Monday.

The statue has been criticized for portraying and projecting the racist white supremacist ideology which was forced onto Africans when European explorers and missionaries established first contact in the early 15th century.

“This is soo disgusting n annoying. I just saw this at tepa manfo Roman Catholic grotto. Where did we go wrong as black people. Satan is black n the angel is white. This is a strategy for a Mental slavery.

It’s an insult to the black race. It’s an insult to Africans. It’s an insult to Ghanaians. I’m so sad n weak. Why always black?? [sic]” he demanded.

“We cannot be disrespected in our own land. 

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