President Ramaphosa gives Western leaders a bitter pill

Ramaphosa was speaking in Senegal, about the relationship between Africa and western countries.

The president did not hide the fact that western countries up to date are still treating Africa as a child if not slave who has no say.

He gave an example of what happened a day after the Omicron virus was discovered in South Africa. He explained how he had planned earlier to visit

some African countries likes Senegal, Cote d\Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria.

He went on explaining how all the president of those four countries called him and told him that he still was welcome to visite.

They even went an extra mile to offer their help if south Africa needed it. The president and his team travelled as planned and nothing happened.

But the same day he received calls from European countries informing him that all the travel from and to South Africa has been barned without giving him

any chance to say a word. that was disrespectful and the president thinks that is not a way to conduct a mutual relationship.

The president blamed African for being too accommodating and thinks that that could be the reasons why others have been taking advantage of Africans.

He also spoke about the corona virus drugs and vaccines and how Europeans are imposing their drugs to Africans and are not giving them a chance to do their own thing.

He explained how Africa has countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya and Egypt with capabilities to make their own vaccines, But western countries pretend to know what Africa needs

They want Africa to only do the packaging but the vaccines according to them should remain their intellectual property.

This is ridiculous and unacceptable . we hope that other African leaders will listen to him.

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