Gambia: Incumbent President Adama Barrow declared winner of the presidential election

The Current Gambian’s President Adama Barrow has won for the second term the presidential election in his country.

He received about 53% of the votes, his nearest rival Ousainou Darboe was distant no two with about 28%.

Opposition candidates earlier said they could not accept the results of the poll.

The vote is being seen as a test for democracy in the country.

In the last election, Mr Barrow defeated Yahya Jammeh, who they then forced into exile after refusing to accept the result.

western media mounted campaign against President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule , which they touted that it had allegations of abuse.

But analysts doubt the intention of western powers. everytime they attack an african leader, it means he is working for his people.

What is annoying that they dont even allow them to have any contribution to their countries. That is why they force them into exile.

I look forward for that time when african will start questioning this brainwashing campaign of making them hate those working for their interests.

Back to the elections in Gambia, the mere fact that the former President is not living in Gambia, the Gambian people are not stupid, they now understand that he was not the devil he was painted to be.

Therefore despite him being in exile in Equatorial Guinea, Mr Jammeh remains very influential in the affaires of Gambia.

At certain Point his successor wanted him to come back home.

Mr Barrow is a successful property developer who once worked as a security guard in London. Many believe that his first election was rigged in his favor by external forces who wanted by all means to see Yahya Jammeh out of office in 2017.

As news emerged of H.E. Adam Barrow’s second win, his supporters started celebrating in the streets, while supporters of his closest rival, Mr Darboe, gathered at his house.

Addressing supporters during a victory speech in the capital Banjul, President Barrow called for unity between the country’s political factions.

“I call on all Gambians, irrespective of your political divide, to put aside our political and other differences and come together as one people to work towards the development of our country,” he said.

Mr Darboe and two other candidates – Mama Kandeh and Essa Mbye Faal – issued a joint statement before the final result was declared, questioning the figures.

They said they were concerned at delays and that their party agents had raised a number of issues.

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