Kampla Uganda:Two bomb explosions reported in Kampala, Uganda

Two bomb explosions have been reported on Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala, Uganda in the center of Uganda’s capital killed at least two people and set several cars on fire on Tuesday.

There had been two blasts – one very close to parliament and one near the central police station. Parliament was being evacuated, one local television station reported.

The cause of the blasts was not immediately clear.

so far it has been reported that the first responders was Red Cross personnel who were using fire extinguishers to curb the fire on Parliamentary Avenue.

According to the Ugandan military spokesperson, Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso, reported that there had been “multiple” blasts and “multiple” casualties but declined to give further details.

Irene Nakasiita, spokesperson at the Uganda Red Cross, said they would release information about the blasts later. The spokesperson for Uganda’s police did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

Ugandan soldiers are fighting al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia as part of an African Union peacekeeping force. Al Shabaab has carried out several deadly bombings in Uganda.

Last month, Islamic State made its first claim of responsibility for a blast in Uganda. That bomb – packed with shrapnel – killed a waitress at a restaurant.

Also last month, Ugandan police said a suicide bomber had exploded on a bus, killing himself and injuring others.

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