Kampala Uganda: Police have revealed bomb attacks were executed.

Ploce in uganda have revealed that 3 suicide bombers blew themselves up in Kampala, Uganda, causing three more deaths and 33 injuries on Tuesday 16 November 2021.

The spokesperson of Police Fred Enanga said in a televised address that two of the three suicide bombers were caught on tape riding a motorbike near the Jubilee Insurance offices on Parliamentary Avenue.

The incident occurred at 10:06am, three minutes after a first bomb explosion occurred near the Central Police Station, which is located metres away.

The two bombers on a motorbike detonated an explosive device on them, killing them on the spot, and causing destruction that spread out nearly 30 meters away.

Police spokesperson Enanga said the suicide bombers “were disguising as boda boda operators”.

One person, a civilian, also died at the scene, police said.

In the earlier incident, which occurred near the Central Police Station (CPS) at 10:03am, a lone suicide bomber on foot was caught on surveillance cameras detonating a bomb near the entrance of the police post.

The spillover of the CPS explosion spread out metres away, leaving scores injured and two dead, police said.

“The suicide bomber was a male adult, who was in a black jacket and had a back pack on him,” said Enanga.

The total number of fatalities, according to police, were therefore six – the three suicide bombers and three civilians.

Enanga said 33 victims, who survived the attacks, were rushed to the Mulango National Referral Hospital.

“Five of those undergoing treatment are critically injured,” police said.https://0acd9a7a9d86b76af9114a5842e5e07d.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

“There were bodies shattered, legs scattered and what we believe to be a skull of the suicide bomber near the CPS entrance,” Enanga said.

Police linked the bomb attacks to a domestic terror group.

Enanga said a fourth suspected suicide bomber was tracked down, shot and arrested.

The suspect is reported to have led police to his home in Nakatoke Village, where a suicide jacket was recovered.

Enanga said the suicide bombers used home-made explosive devices “from readily available material” to blow themselves up.

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