The PM of Ethiopia Abbey Ahmed: The Nobel Prize winner fall out with the EU and USA

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Much has changed since Abbey accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in November 2019 in Oslo, Norway. At this time he was the darling of western countries. They praised him as sgtrategic partner.

However In less than two years, Abbey Ahmed the darling of the international western countries to the worst enemy because of fighting as a man against the rebels who wanted to destabilize the country and his government.

Western powers are have been confounded by the 45-year-old leader as they are asking themselves how they could have gotten him so wrong. He is not the house negro they may have thought in him. he is his own man.

Many diplomats, analysts, independent Ethiopian journalists, acquaintances and others who have followed his career closely he was his own man.

If Blessing Abby Ahmed was a strategy to manipulate him then they were wrong. Abbey used it to his own advantage, he uses the international endorsements to defend his country. Some analysts argue that the West not only failed to see — or willfully ignored — the capabilities of Ahmed. So they armed him with a blank check and then turned a blind eye.

Those accusing Abbey Ahmed of going to war and forgetting that he was a Nobel price winner, they should learn a lesson from Obama. Obama did not hesitate to defend America because he was a nobel price laureate. If Obama did it and was not attacked, why attack Aby who doing nothing but protecting his country.

Africans and Ethiopians are proud of you Abbey

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