Coup d’états in Sudan: General Burhan has confirmed military coup and the dissolution of civilian rule

At least five senior Sudanese government figures were detained by the military in Sudan this Monday 25th October 2021. This is what was reported by the officials said. It seems that the rein of coup d’état has resumed again in Africa. This is happening barely weeks after the army successfully threw out Alpha conde who wanted to hold on power for the third term against the constitution of his country. Two other successive coup in Mali this Year, in Chad after the death of Idris Derby. What is happening in Africa? Is it a genuine fight for people’s sovereignty or simply our military are again being manipulated by external forces? History will tell more in the near future.

According to the Sudanese Professionals’ Association in Sudan, there were internet and phone signal outages across the country. 

There was manifestation in Sudan which saw the long serving president of Sudan Mr AL Bashir being chased by the masses. This begs the question about the whole issue of popular uprising.

Because it seems that the uprising , it is not the people who were on the street who end up taking power. All the issue advocated for by those who rebel and want change in their countries, end up not being realized. Because unseen forces enter into play and maintain the status-quo or defending foreign interest at the expense of the interest of the people. If indeed the military did takeover, this will be a major setback for Sudanese people who fought to enjoy the resources’ of their country. Indeed the masses did put their lives in danger by throwing  Omar al-Bashir out, but it seems that the nightmare is not yet over.

Among the officials who are detained ,include Industry Minister Ibrahim al-Sheikh, Information Minister Hamza Baloul, and Mohammed al-Fiky Suliman, member of The Sovereign Council, and the adviser to the the Prime minister Mr. Faisal Mohammed Saleh.


Elijah Enyanya

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